E2 Management Consulting AG

For more than 20 years E2 Management Consulting AG has been developing and implementing environmental and sustainability management for companies and organisations all sectors.

Our strategic approach helps companies to strengthen their market position and to realise sustainable success potentials.

Our clients appreciate the trustful, experienced and custom-made support delivered by one or more of E2's partners.


McDonald's Inc. sets science based climate targets

To reduce own emissions by >1/3, and to reduce specific emissions in the (mainly food) supply chain by almost 1/3 - by 2030.


Sustainable Procurement (Course)

Sustainability oriented course focusing on the procurement of equipment and material at the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil (April 2018).


Sustainability in the textile industry (CAS course)

Sustainability oriented CAS course focusing on textiles & fashion (incl. leather)